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ERC group
MSCA Group
Scientific Supervisor
María Cinta Puell
Contact email
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Research group
Applied Vision
Avenida Arcos de Jalón 118
Faculty / Institute
Faculty of Optics and Optometry
Group description
The research group is composed of professors and doctoral students from the Department of Optometry and Vision Science. This group works on projects of vision science and optometry to improve our understanding of the function of the human visual system and to transfer new knowledge into useful clinical test. The Applied Vision research group provides accessible techniques in our own laboratory and in the Optometry Clinic that is located next door, which provides a leading clinical and research environment in psychophysics and optometry. In addition, in the faculty of Optics and Optometry there is a large pool of people working on the eye, from a variety of approaches (optics, biochemistry, ophthalmology), providing an unparalleled environment to develop a research career. Several doctoral students, with both clinical and basic science backgrounds have been trained in our laboratory over 15 years and have found employment in industry, hospitals and universities.

Research group website
Research topic
Research lines include visual function and dysfunction in healthy and diseased eyes, especially impaired night vision, glare, dark adaptation and development of psychophysical test to investigate the retinal function.
The proposed project is aimed at expanding knowledge about the relationship between structural changes in the retina, observed through imaging techniques, and changes in visual function measured with novel psychophysical tests. The goal is to help differentiate healthy aging of the retina from the pathological situation. This will help in the early diagnosis and monitoring of retinal disease and will allow the identification of patients at higher risk who could benefit from early clinical intervention.
Research area
Life Sciences (LIF)
Candidatures: requirements
Applications to Applied Vision (UCM) should include:
* Letter of interest including the abstract of the proposal
* CV (including the list of publications)
* 2 letters of reference
Candidatures: deadline
Avda. Arcos de Jalón, 118; 28037 - MADRID
Participant Portal
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