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ERC group
MSCA Group
Scientific Supervisor
Isabel Velázquez Soriano
Contact email
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Research group
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Faculty of Fine Arts
Group description
The TEAPIMeG research group focuses on the study of ancient inscriptions from Spain and Portugal and from other areas of the Mediterranean in Antiquity, whether in Latin, Greek, or the palaeo-Hispanic languages spoken in the area. Our approach to the study of epigraphy is multidisciplinary, combining methods and perspectives from Classical Philology, Linguistics, Archaeology, and History. Special attention is paid to digital epigraphies, as shown by the HESPERIA databank of Pre-Roman languages of the Iberian peninsula (http://hesperia.ucm.es/), and the AEHTAM databank where the medieval inscriptions of the Iberian Peninsula in any language are collected ([http://hesperia.ucm.es/consulta_aehtam/web_aehtam/index.html])

The group leads the consortium AVIPES-CM (Virtual Archive for research on medieval epigraphic heritage in the Community of Madrid, financed by the Community of Madrid and the European Social Fund ([https://www.ucm.es/proyectoavipes_cm/]), with the participation of various researchers from other Spanish and European universities.
Year after year, the Team leads or participate in several national or European research Projects.

The group publishes yearly the series Hispania Epigraphica (https://revistas.ucm.es/index.php/HIEP) and is responsible of the Epigraphic Archive of Hispania http://www.archivoepigraficodehispania.es/, which keeps updated, comprehensive information about every single inscription from Spain and Portugal (ca. 28.000 inscriptions).
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Research topic

Latin and Greek epigraphy
Palaeo-Hispanic languages
Medieval Latin Epigraphy
Epigraphic Databases
Arabic and Hebrew epigraphy
Research area
Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)
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C/ Greco, 2; Ciudad Universitaria; 28040 - MADRID
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Universidad Complutense de Madrid