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ERC group
MSCA Group
Scientific Supervisor
Carmelo Vázquez
Contact email
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Research group
Psychopathology and positive mental health: mechanisms and interventions.
Clinical Psychology
Faculty / Institute
Faculty of Psychology
Group description
Our group, with different subareas, focuses on several different issues:

a) Cognitive mechanisms and biases (attention, memory, interpretation,...) in psychopathology, with a special focus on mood disorders, psychosis, trauma and gambling.
b) Development of positive psychological treatments to promote well-being and optimal self-esteem in people with mental disorders (depression, paranoia, trauma...);
c) New ways of conceptualizing and understanding psychopathology (network analyses, experimental psychopathology, personalized treatments, ESM...); and
d) Emotion regulation and psychopathology: Mechanisms and intervention.
Research group website
Research topic
Several lines of research are been followed by several senior members of our group. Although we are all under the same conceptual umbrella (with a strong emphasis in experimental psychopathology and positive interventions), there are several distinctive lines:

1) Mechanisms and processes associated to the practice of mindfulness, with a special attention to the promotion of well-being and reduction of psychological symptoms. We do research on cognitive and psychobiological mechanisms of mindfulness and compassion programs using both cognitive and genetic markers.
2) Trauma and psychopathology. Development of new interventions aimed to dismantle EMDR-based processes as well as research on trauma-informed care
3) Emotion regulation in psychological disorders (depression and gambling).

We preferibly look for candidates with a strong background in experimental psychopathology and neuroscience but also with a strong interest in clinical issues. Also, candidates with a strong background in methodology (e.g., meta-analysis, network analysis, etc.) are welcome.
Research area
Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)
Candidatures: requirements
Full CV and letter of interest.
Candidatures: deadline
Campus de Somosaguas; 28223 - POZUELO DE ALARCÓN
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Universidad Complutense de Madrid