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Miguel Angel Martin-Delgado
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Research group
Grupo de Información y Computación Cuántica-GICC
Física Teórica
Faculty / Institute
Faculty of Physical Science
Group description
Full Professor at the Theoretical Physics department and PHD in Physics from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Visiting Research Fellow Princeton Universtiy. Principal Investigator and/or participant in more than 20 research projects nationally and internationally (European Union and USA). Co-author in more than 140 research papers in areas such as Information and Quantum Computation, Strongly Correlated Systems, etc. Supervised 6 PhD thesis (2 ongoing). Director of the research group GICC (Grupo de Información y Computación Cuánticas) in the Universidad Complutense of Madrid (UCM). Coordinator of the area on Quantum Information in the Master of Theoretical Physics in UCM. Chief Coordinator of the research consortium QUITEMAD (Quantum Information TEchnologies MADrid en la Comunidad de Madrid. Scientific Editor of the journal Nature Scientific Reports (area of Quantum Physics) from Nature Publishing Group.
Research group website
Research topic
During my scientific career I have made worldwide breakthroughs in different research lines of my expertise. The following are some of the most recent highlights:
1. Topological Color Codes (TCC)
2. First Experimental Demonstration of a Complete Quantum Error Correction Code
3. Discovery of New Random Statistical Mechanical Models: as a result of errororrection in topological color codes (TCC)
4. Discovery of New Lattice Gauge Theories from topological color codes (TCC).
5. Discovery of Topological Anomaly in Kibble-Zurek Mechanism for Topological Insulators/Superconductors.
6. New Topological Invariants for Insulators and Superconductors at Finite Temperature.
7. Quantum Simulation of Topological Insulators/Superconductors and Axion Electrodynamics.
8. Quantum Google Algorithm.
9. Quantum Artificial Intelligence.
10. First construction of Dirac Cat States
11. Quantum Simulation of Relativistic Theories
Research area
Life Sciences (LIF)
Candidatures: requirements
Quantum Information, Quantum Computation, Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems, Quantum Metrology
Candidatures: deadline
Avda. Complutense, s/n; Ciudad Universitaria; 28040 - MADRID
Complutense University of Madrid
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