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ERC group
MSCA Group
Scientific Supervisor
Mónica Pradillo Orellana
Contact email
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Research group
Cytogenetic analysis and genomics
Faculty / Institute
Faculty of Biological Science
Group description
My laboratory focuses on the biological significance that the different levels of DNA compaction structures and components have on DNA processes in the nucleus, especially, DNA repair and recombination. We are using a multidisciplinary approach combining new high-resolution cytogenetic techniques, mutant characterisation, and systems biology to resolve the complicated interactions of individual chromatin components that result in accurate chromosome behaviour. We are specially interest in DNA repair and meiotic recombination in plants.
Research group website
Research topic
Chromosome coordination of meiotic homologous recombination in Arabidopsis thaliana
Understanding factors affecting meiotic crossover variation in Arabidopsis thaliana
Control of meiotic recombination during the diploidisation of autopolyploids in Arabidopsis thaliana
Development of cytogenetic tools for advancing breeding
Influence of temperature on meiotic crossover formation in wheat
Research area
Life Sciences (LIF)
Candidatures: requirements
- CV
- Two recommendation letters
Candidatures: deadline
C/ José Antonio Novais, 12; Ciudad Universitaria; 28040 - MADRID
Complutense University of Madrid
European Office