Expressions of Interest

This section include information about several UCM supervisors that have expressed their interests to host MSCA experienced researchers in their research group. If you are interested in one of them, you should contact the corresponding Scientific Supervisor directly. The web search application will help you find the offer that best suits your interests. Just enable and use the filters (click on the filter icon). You can search by faculty, research area, and research topic to be proposed / description of the research group (by means of keywords). Visit the links provided in the search results (table below) to display further information. Some offers the supervisors ask for particular documents. If you are required to submit a project proposal or you do not know exactly what send to present your candidature, you can use our template 'One Page Proposal'. 

UCM Important Dates  


First internal deadline - to send candidature to supervisor: approx. July 15, 2021 (Please check the exact date displayed on the corresponding EoI)

Second internal deadline - to send the draft proposal to the European Office: August 31, 2021  

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