UCM (Spain) is offering 101 postdoctoral positions linked to the IF-MSC Actions





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Dear colleagues

Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) is offering 101 postdoctoral positions linked to the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship Actions (IF-MSCA) within Horizon 2020. You can search and find information about the positions offered in our website

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What are the MSCA Individual Fellowships?


IF-MSCA is a mobility program funded by the EC which aims to contribute to the professional development of researchers, not only on academic-related but also on other cross-cutting issues, helping to improve their future employability. Salary conditions in relation to the cost of living in Spain are very competitive, with a gross salary of about € 50,000.

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Are you interested in applying for IF-MSCA?


Those researchers interested in one of the positions offered should contact directly with the corresponding Scientific Supervisor to agree on the preparation of a project proposal to be submitted to the IF-MSCA-2017 call. The contact details of the Scientific Supervisor can be found in the corresponding position fiche.

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Host institution

UCM as host institution, through its European Liaison Office, will provide support throughout the proposal preparation process. Furthermore, acting as a local contact point of the EURAXESS network will assist the funded candidates on any issue related to her/his mobility. In the same way funded candidates will be given advise about career development issues, in particular, about those related to the existing opportunities to get funded beyond the IF-MSCA project.

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