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Neuro-robotics and Neuro-computing Research Group
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Faculty of Optics and Optometry
Group description
We are a Research Consortium formed by 4 Institutions, the Center for Biomedical Technology of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, the Neuro-computing & Neuro-robotics Research Group of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, the Institute for Health Research of the Hospital San Carlos Madrid and Silk Biomed SL, a spin off company of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

We are a fully interdisciplinary Team, working in Biomaterials Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Experimental Neuroscience, Stem Cells, Brain Plasticity, Neuroprotection, Neural Repair, Clinical Applications.
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Research topic
Project 1: Artificial retina: We aim to develop and commercialize a novel hybrid nano-biomaterials for in situ neuroprotection and regeneration of the retina in patients with traumatic or degenerative diseases (i.e., AMD). Neural Tissue Engineering, Soft Nano-biomaterials, Electrophysiology

Project 2: Neural tissue engineering and soft nano-biomaterials. We aim to develop new silk fibroin hydrogel-assisted stem cell therapy for post-stroke brain neuroprotection and regeneration. It includes controlled drug delivery system based on silk fibroin biomaterial to enhance neuroprotection by targeting spreading depolarization waves after cerebral damage, genetic approaches (iPSC reprogramming) for the differentiation of silk fibroin-encapsulated stem cells and their integration into the neural tissue. Neural Tissue Engineering, Stem Cells, Soft Nano-biomaterials

Project 3: Modulation of the immune system through non-invasive stimulation of the vagus nerve for therapeutic purposes in cases of (i) cerebral ischemia (ii) autoimmune diseases, like Crohn or inflammatory bowel disease or (iii) severe inflammation, like Covid19-induced ARDS.
Electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve has multiple therapeutic effects, both central (antiepileptic, antidepressive, etc.) and peripheral (cardiac, immunologic, etc.). Vagal stimulation induces potentiation of the cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway through the activation of cholinergic receptors and strengthening of the immune response

Project 4. Multi-brain connection and interchange of information. Emergent properties of fully interconnected brains during collaborative tasking performance. Information coding and stimulation protocols, higher capabilities, ethical and philosophical questions, etc.
Research area
Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC), Life Sciences (LIF), Mathematics (MAT), Physics (PHY)
Candidatures: requirements
Strong motivation for scientific research, keen interest in translating scientific findings to practical applications
Be brilliant
Be enthusiastic team players but be also able to work alone
Have a very good academic record
Previous lab training is recommended but not necessary
Candidatures: deadline
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