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MSCA Group
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Elena Conde Pérez
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Research group
Complutense Institute of International Studies
Complutense Institute of International Studies
Faculty / Institute
Institute of International Studies (ICEI)
Group description
ICEI is an academic and interdisciplinary hub whose main aims are the contribution to the international analisys and debate and to promote the international Spanish projection.
The focus of interest of every Professor/group associated to the Institute can be different, but, I have recently done expertise and reserch on topics as Arctic issues, EU security and I'm currently working on drugs' legalization and new forms of diplomacy.

I'm part of a H2020 proposal focused on the Arctic región and the exploitation of its resoruces from a sustainable and fair way.
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Research topic
Given my expertise and interest in the mentioned subjects, I would propose the following topics:

- Arctic issues: understanding and describing the practice and policy gaps between existing economic activities and the ideal conditions of Arctic economic development through ethical and justice criteria.

- Drgs´legalization with particular interest in cannabis and the particular pratice of States parties to drug treaties in order to circumvent their provisions without legally denounce them.

- New forms of diplomacy: this área of investigation tackles the limits of one of the most classic matters of International Law, which is diplomacy, and the way in which it is changing its ce due to new actors involved in it, new technologies and the practice by which some of the most relevant immunities are being nowadays contested.
Research area
Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)
Candidatures: requirements
I would like candidates to provide with their CV, letter of motivation, letter from a referee from the sending institution and a summary of their Project research and objectives
Candidatures: deadline
Carretera de Húmera, 96E; Pozuelo de Alarcón; 28223 - MADRID