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Rosa Pardo
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Research group
Análisis Matemático y matemática aplicada
Faculty / Institute
Faculty of Mathematical Science
Group description
The UCM research group, known as CADEDIF, founded in 2006 has been scientifically very productive since its foundation and has made many important contributions foundation, as it can be easily checked considering the number of publications in international high ranked journals that are indexed in the JCR. It, therefore, provides a stable and continuous research activity environment in the area of Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Analysis for anyone interested to join the group.

CADEDIF consists of 6 scientists who are affiliated to the UCM and 7 Researches from other universities.

Scientific productivity:
The members of the group maintain a remarkable scientific activity, that is reflected in the amount and quality of the articles published. The group has published 157/207 research articles (according to Scopus / Google scholar of the UCM bibliometric Portal) in journals in the area of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Multidisciplinary Physics, Multidisciplinary Sciences and Physics-Mathematics.
The complete list can also be access in the following database: https: //
Besides these articles we have also published 18 monographs including textbooks and books on mathematical dissemination.
Research topic
Our scientific interest lies in a field located between Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) and Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Systems, from a theoretical or numerical point of view.
Our current research interests are based on results that have been previously obtained, and we try to go further expanding the frontiers of knowledge.
They can be classified into the following topics:

1. problems of homogenization and reticulated structures,
2. formation of singularities,
3. non local problems,
4. higher order problems, hyperbolic systems,
5. subcritical and critical elliptic problems.
Research area
Mathematics (MAT)
Candidatures: requirements
The candidate should have a strong expertise in Nonlinear PDEs, mainly of elliptic and parabolic type from an analytical and/or numerical point of view.

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Candidatures: deadline
Avda. Complutense, s/n; Ciudad Universitaria; 28040 - MADRID