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Nazario Martín León

Tipo Advanced Grant
Título Chiral allotropes of Carbon
Panel PE5
Fecha de inicio 1/4/20013
Duración 60 meses
Financiación 2.235.000 €
Ficha Acceder a la ficha completa del proyecto

The aim of the present project is to answer fundamental questions about how to introduce chirality into a variety of carbon nanostructures and how it modifies the properties in the search for new applications in materials science and nanotecnology. Thus, it describes a fundamental and technological research program designed to gain new knowledge for the development of novel covalent and supramolecular chiral carbon nanoforms, and their further chemical modification for the preparation of sophisticated supramolecular 3D nanoarchitectures. Our research activity should reinforce and integrate the strong position of Europe in the knowledge of carbon nanoforms. This important scientific challenge has not been properly addressed so far due to the inherent difficulties to work on these materials and, particularly, to the lack of an efficient chemical protocol to prepare chiral carbon nanoforms.


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