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What are the MSCA Individual Fellowships?


By means of the MSCA Individual Fellowships scientists have the possibility to gain experience abroad and in the private sector, and to complete their training with competences or disciplines useful for their careers. These actions are meant to support the best, most promising individual researchers from anywhere in the world.

There are two types of MSCA Individual Fellowships:

What does the funding cover?

The grant provides an allowance to cover living, travel and family costs. The grant is awarded to a host organisation, usually a university, research centre or a company in Europe that employs the Experienced Researchers. The research costs and overheads of the host organisation(s) are also supported.

European Fellowships last from one to two years, Global Fellowships from two to three years.

How to apply?

For applying it is necessary to submit a research proposal, including the fellow´s CV. The proposal is written jointly with your chosen host organisation(s) (a university, a research centre or a company).

Proposals are submitted in reply to a call for proposals. All open calls and related information such as the Guide for Applicants and full eligibility criteria can be found at the Participant Portal.

Who can apply?

All candidates interested in applying for an individual fellowship IF 2019 need to be Experienced Researchers (ER), this means to be in the possession of a doctoral degree or have at least four years of full-time equivalent research experience at the time of the call deadline.

The IF proposal has be prepared between the ER and the supervisor of the Host Institution who will recruit him/her.

Eligibility criteria

1. European Fellowships

Allowing mobility between European countries and from Third Countries to Europe. Duration of the projects: 12 to 24 months

2. Global Fellowships

Allowing an initial outgoing phase to a Third Country (TC) and a final returning phase to Europe. Duration of the projects: 24 to 36 months (12 – 24 outgoing phase + 12 months final European phase).


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